Mountain School is located in the magical mountain refuge Samotnia in the Karkonosze Mountains, Poland. Since many years, Samotnia has been a place of trainings for mountain guides and rescuers of the Mountain Rescue Service (GOPR), now it is available for all. With our Mountain School, you may go through the whole range of the Karkonosze Mts. or the Himalayas. Although it sounds a little extreme, everyone can try it. Trying alone is worthless. Being alone is boring, going with another people is more expensive ! Here you may see photos of those people who have visited us and found a special training course for themselves or their company. Thumb your organizer, choose things you want to do in our Mountain School, plan your trip and come to us. If you have visited our refuge previously and you miss us, drop up a line and come as soon as possible. You may start mountain adventure of your lifetime. For some some of us it will last for the whole life. Here is your chance.

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