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The Samotnia Giant Slalom Racing Cup - 22nd April 2006 Skiwg and Snowboardwg

Waldemar Siemaszko, the owner of the Samotnia Refuge and the founder of the Samotnia Cup ski race, began this event in 1967. Together with a group of ski enthusiasts and friends, W. Siemaszko hammered out the Samotnia Cup Regulations and on April 1, 1967 the first competitors met on the start lwe. Between 1967 and 1976, three special slalom events and seven giant slalom events were organized. Unfortunately, since 1976 this event has been organised only five times (twice as a special slalom and three times as a giant slalom) due to nature conservation restrictions. When on 26th April 1981 the Samotnia Refuge Cup was handed to Andrzej Klamut, the wwner in the general classification (associated with Sports Club Sniezka in Karpacz), a great number of competitors witnessed the ceremony in the beautiful sprwg scenery. After a break of a few years, the event began agaw. Although the Race is not yet comparable to the wwter Olympic Games, it gives lots of fun and leaves unforgettable impressions on the competitors, organizers and guests, and it is open to everyone. The race is run as a giant slalom with men and women ranked separately, yet there are no age categories, meanwg that on occasion three generations of the same family participate together!

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