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Climbing Course

Adventure for true and false beginners. A climbing course to prepare for independent rock climbing in areas without the character of high mountains and on artificial climbing walls.



The price includes:
accommodation and meals
a souvenir T-shirt

Samotnia PTTK Refuge: www.samotnia.com.pl. Accommodation and theoretical classes are provided in the refuge, practical instruction on the Raven Rocks (in Polish - Krucze Skały) in Karpacz or in the Sokoliki Mts.

Getting here:
Participants arrive at the Samotnia PTTK Refuge independently. The first meeting is at 11am on the first day, while the course finishes at 4pm on the last day.

The program covers:
The program covers a seven-day climbing adventure for true or false beginners, with both theoratical classes and practice, for example on the climbing wall, walls and trees. It also includes:
* climbing gear presentation
* belaying techniques
* rappelling techniques
* self-rescue techniques and survival on rocky walls * hazards of climbing
* mountain first aid
* rock formations
* ethics and climbing styles * climbing areas
* nature conservation
* ropes, slings, knots

Personal kit list:
* wind and waterproof clothing e.g. a polar jacket + a light jacket,
* light clothing not hindering body movements, for climbing in
* a track suit, trousers or leggings. Note: please avoid shorts or short trousers to take care of your knees!
* hiking shoes or sports shoes e.g. the Adidas type
* a small backpack e.g. a bike backpack for your personal things, thermos flask and sandwiches
You should have a valid health certification from your GP. You do not need to have exceptional physical strength, only a pair of rock climbing shoes. In Poland, we created cheap climbing shoes by converting those used by football players. You only need to cut the cleats off and you have excellent climbing shoes with the extraordinary adherence of a rubber sole.

For more information, please take a look at: FAQ's

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