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Tai Chi Course

Breathing exercise, relaxation, health, martial art, philosophy


We are closing participants list two weeks before start of a course.
The course will be open with at least 6 people.


The price includes:
* accommodation and meals (breakfast and late dinner)
* training
* a souvenir T-shirt
* insurance

Samotnia PTTK Refuge: www.samotnia.com.pl Accommodation and theoretical classes are provided in the refuge, practical instruction in the Karkonosze Mts.

Getting around:
Participants arrive at the Samotnia Refuge independently. The first training session is at 6pm.

8.00-10.00 - morning practice
10.00 - breakfast
12.00 - 13.00 - meditation, practice
16.00 - 18.00 - afternoon practice
18.00 - dinner
19.00 - 1000 steps

Personal kit list:
* comfortable clothing and shoes for indoor practice
* warm clothing
* a cap, gloves and a windproof and waterproof jacket

Amongst the mountainous scenery of the Samotnia PTTK Refuge we teach the fundamentals of Tai Chi Quong. The one-week meeting, your belonging to a group and the character of the location combine to create exceptional conditions for studying Tai Chi Sam Fung, another form of Tai Chi. Tai Chi Sam Fung is proposed by the Taoist master and teacher Ming Wong S.Y., who is presently living in Italy, and practice is provided accordingly to rules he has laid down. Tai Chi Quong practice helps in the alleviation of a number of health problems, such as those concerned with the spine.

The form is a sequence of movements and positions repeated after the trainer and which can be practised independently. We also practise the Yang style:
- a long form consisting of 108 movements,
- a short form of only 24 movements,
- Tui Shou ,
- Pa Tuan Chin.
All other forms come from the program of Tomasz Nowakowski's Taoist Arts Centre, which is located in Prague in the Czech Republic.
For more information, please take a look at: FAQ's

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